Law & Disorder

Behind the enduring images of heroic rescues undertaken by the New Orleans Police Department in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there is another story of law enforcement in crisis, even out of control. Law & Disorder, a year-long, ongoing collaboration among FRONTLINE, ProPublica and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, investigates charges that NOPD officers inappropriately used lethal force against New Orleans citizens and then tried to cover up their actions.

Unchained Pottery – Time Lapse

Oklahoma Contemporary Ceramics Studio. Just some time lapse of pottery work on the wheel. Yes, I paired Unchained Melody (from Ghost) to my video.

San Diego | April, 2016

Decided to hop on a plane and hit San Diego for a few days. Balboa Park, La Jolla Cove Beach, sea lions, and random adventures in local beer breweries!

Yoga Trip to Taos Ashram | May, 2016

Tracy Dawn and I took a spur of the moment trip out to Taos and stayed at the Ashram, hung out in the hot springs along the Rio Grande River, and saw Rising Appalachia up close and live at the Taos Mesa Brewery (Which I must say has some excellent brews!). This is just a haphazardly thrown together rendition of the weekend with no image stabilization and overly loud audio levels.

Scuba Adventure for Work | Florida Keys, Sept, 2015

Stationed in the Florida Keys for a month conducting underwater survey and mapping. Never quite finished this video, but here’s a glimpse of our daily activity!

Oklahoma City – Downtown Implosion of 2 Buildings

Midwest Wrecking Co. & JeDunn Construction brought down two medium sized buildings to make room for a planned 27-story office tower in downtown Oklahoma City, OK. Additional camera angles by James Lane from atop the Bank of Oklahoma tower.

Red Rock Canyon Run – New Harley

Took the new Harley out for a spin with some friends. Testing out various GoPro mounting options and devices.

Sunset Cliffs Time Lapse – San Diego/La Jolla | Jan, 2016

Wave after wave…
I’m slowly drifting, drifting away.